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Prosthetic CreditIn addition to working with most insurance, we take most credit cards and financing is also available. Care Credit is specially for medical services. See if you qualify at . Insurance coverage varies considerably for individuals, but our services can be covered or partially covered in many cases. What we have learned is that patients who agressively seek coverage by their carriers are often rewarded with partial or (in most cases) full coverage for many of our services. Genesis will assist whenever we are needed, however we maintain that all payments are the patients responsibility. The patient who persues their insurance to guarrentee coverage learns to be more independant about their lives and their care, and minimize any out of pocket expenses that might other wise occur due to deductables and/or co-pays. You paid for your insurance, why shouldn't you get the services you paid for?

After all.........YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER!


Don't let this happen to you...

Prosthetic Credit



Prosthetic Credit
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An example of the pre-authorization process can be found in this document below. The principles are the same regardless of the type of prosthesis.


Helpful Links

Network Adequacy Laws
This link will provide network adequacy laws on a state by state basis, helping patients know their rights that are often denied them by their insurance companies.
 It also has helpful links including information on the problems of managed care for patients with chronic conditions (fancy medical jargon for a conditon that has no cure, but requires long term care, such as a prosthetic wearer).

If you are having trouble with your insurance company, Michigan and other states have an insurance commission to watchdog your insurance company:

Insurance Watchdogs


The process of resolving a conflict can be found on this page:
Conflict Resolution


And the complaint form (Form FIS 0030 in the right hand colum) can be found here:
FIS 0030 Form

Learn about your rights as a person with disabilities! While I don't encorage the mind set with my patients, I do encourage them to know their rights to get the most out of life and from their insurance carriers. They play hardball....  So should you!
Disability Rights