A World Class Prosthetist Located in Hartland Michigan
David Van Auker MA, CP, CCA

Is a board certified prosthetist and certified clinical anaplastologist (currently the only practitioner with these dual credentials in the country) with over 20 years of experience, fitting the some of the broadest range of prostheses available anywhere in the nation! While trained in the area of weight bearing limbs, he also specializes in anaplastology (facial prosthetics and cosmetic restorations). This unique combination of skills enables him to make prosthetics that look as good as they fit. This perspective adds a new dimension to your care. Because David handles each step of the fitting process, you get the best in both appearance and function. He is also the only certified prosthetist in the state that is also a practicing anaplastologist and one of a handful of dual discipline specialists in the United States. You are offered some of the most unique choices in prosthetic care anywhere in Michigan or in some cases, the world. He currently serves an international clientele.


Does your prosthesis look this good? It should! It should fit just as well too! Are you settling for less?

Orbital Eye Prosthetic

Patient Education Day
Wednesday, July 30 from 5:30-8:00pm

Genesis Prosthetic Arts is excited to announce our upcoming  on Wednesday, June 25. This is an exclusive patient event featuring advanced i-limb technology!  Attendees will learn about the latest in upper limb prosthetics, network with others affected by upper limb deficiencies, and discuss their prosthetic care options with Genesis Prosthetic Arts’ clinical team!
Electronic Prosthetic

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Now one of the few prosthetists certified in the lastest in prosthetic hand technology.
Patients can be assured of getting the most function combined with appearance from the same prosthetist. David Van Auker is perhaps the only prosthetist in the country who can fit the I-LIMB and make its cover on site!

Electronic Prosthetic
The I-LIMB usher in a new era in funtionality for upper limb. prosthetics